We’re looking for people to help volunteer at Christmas in Dacula! There are many spots available and assignments are only 1 hour so you can still enjoy the event with your family!

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Information for Volunteers

As a token of our appreciation, volunteers are entered into our event raffle! The more slots you are signed up for, the greater your chances to win.

5K & Fun Run
Help clear the event area! Rental tents, tables and chairs need to be located in a central area for the rental company. Trash needs to be stacked in a central area for garbage pickup. Restrooms should be zip-tied shut, light towers lowered and locked, and all signage collected for reuse in future events.
First Aid
First Aid volunteers should report directly to the First Aid tent. Volunteers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for applying any medications, bandages or other items. Your job is only limited to 1) providing minimal supplies (provided in the tent) for scrapes or cuts sustained at the event and 2) being the first point of communication for any major medical emergencies that arise (ie – calling 911, directing emergency personnel to the location of persons in need, etc). If you are an EMT, you are permitted provide medical care within the limits of your profession and ability as a stopgap prior to sending persons offsite or notifying emergency medical personnel. You should keep a well-charged mobile phone with you during your entire time slot. If you need to reach the event organizers for issues that arise during the event, call (770) 765-5551.
Car & Bike Show
Car show volunteers should arrive to the car show lot and report to the registration/awards booth for specific assignments. Duties are spread among registration for drive-in entries to assisting judges and helping with the awards. carshow@christmasindacula.org
Food Trucks
Food Truck area volunteers should report to the food truck area at shift time. Volunteers are responsible for monitoring the tidiness of the seating areas of the food truck area, clearing tables when needed and monitoring any issues with the restroom facilities.
Information Volunteers
Report to the merchandise/info area. Volunteers will be handing out programs to attendees upon arrival. Heather Loveridge (heather@christmasindacula.org) is the point person for the information booths.
Main Stage
Assist with performing groups entering/exiting the stage area, attendees arriving in the area at the stage, and any other issues that may arise. Ray Sommer (ray@christmasindacula.org) is coordinator for the main stage area.
Assist with the sales and promotions of the merchandise booth. Report directly to the booth. Jobs include helping display merchandise in the aisles for attendees and pulling items together for orders. Karen Thieken (karen@christmasindacula.org) is the coordinator for merchandise sales. Especially critical is the push to sell various light-up & glow merchandise starting at dusk.
Shopping Village
Volunteers in the pre-festival hours will be helping sponsors and vendors as they arrive and setup for the event. We will assist in locating the correct spots for setup of each business and answer any questions. We also will ensure that cars are moved relatively quickly from the event area to the regular parking areas. During the main festival hours, volunteers simply need to check in with booths frequently to ensure they are doing well and provide help when needed. Christian Jolly (christian@christmasindacula.org) is the coordinator for the Shopping Village.
Sports Area